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Introduction into Sector Rotations and Broad Market Overview

Sector Rotations Some traders like to gamble. Some like technical patterns. Some like fundamentals All can benefit by knowing what is coming next in the sector rotation. This is obviously “extra work” and when I first heard about it it seemed like something only dinosaurs did, and I didn’t need no sector

WWURD? What would Uncle Ryan Do?

I want to look for opportunities today. My current balance is mine. I have no extra money to lose from a previous win and no money I need to win back from a loss. What happened yesterday will inform my trading so I can make better decisions today, but it will not dictate my choices. Today

Updated Recommended Reading List

These are some of my favorite books that helped my trading or equipped me to learn more efficiently. Books Author Subject Market Mind Games Denise Shull Trading Psychology The Alpha Masters Maneet Ahuja Interviews Market Wizards Jack D. Schwager Interviews The New Market Wizards Jack

How to Deal with Seller’s Remorse

Every, single, day. I chart at least 25 charts a day, often twice that many. I have so many scanners and setups I am refining and testing and have to monitor stocks daily to know how new scans perform and changes to make and this means every

Resource List for Swing Traders

I consider swing to be anything over an hour to a week. While swing can be very profitable it tends to earn a little less money than day-trading but has a much lower barrier to entry and can be improved over time. Because of the